Monday, 2 November 2015

Into the Wild.

A lovely hello from Africa to all of you! 

As some of you may know, I traveled to Kenya for some days. Mainly for working but I also have a few days off. That's why I decided to do a Safari Tour to Lake Nakuru National Park.
My trip started early in the morning, while sun was rising. I had a lovely vegan breakfast at the hotel, a few cups of black coffee and the best orange juice ever!
The driver, named John picked me up from the hotel. A lovely old man, covered in his beautiful skin that Africa's sun gave him as a present. 
"Are you excited, huh?" I nodded. After we left Nairobi, I saw the beautiful landscape of Kenya, the beautiful vegetation and suddenly something came into my mind: I forgot my camera! 
Yep, that was brilliant as always - how could you forget your camera on a safari? I was really angry about myself, I'm sorry that the quality is not that good - it was just taken with my iPhone. 
John recognized my sadness and told me something really funny, after a few seconds I forgot my unhappiness, even though it is definitely not the most important thing in life. The conversations I had with John were more important for example!
He gave me loads of useful information about history, we talked about politics, religion and peace. About the fears he has, about Al-Shaabab. We talked the whole trip, he showed me the amazing Rift Valley. I had the feeling to see whole Africa, while standing on top. Completely overwhelmed by nature, I was even more overwhelmed by the kindness of the people. Everybody looked at me with a smile. Not a superficial one, it were smiles from people with scars. Scars caused by poverty, hard work. But it was a deep smile, from people who knew what life means, how precious it is. 

After leaving civilization, we were completely alone, in the middle of a National Park, surrounded by animals I only knew from the zoo. John gave me a cup of hot Kenyan tea. "It's good for your health and your soul. You know what, I see many people. Rich people, poor people, bad and good ones. Sometimes the diversity of human beings confuses me and everything gets a bit too much. Than I come here, to see the nature and the animals makes me happy." 
And he was definitely true. To see something different, to have the chance to travel, to educate yourself is just an amazing thing! I love to get to know loads of things from different cultures. 

Lake Nakuru was so beautiful. There are rhinos, lions, zebras, giraffes and loads of other beautiful animals mother nature gave to us. The lake is mainly known for its flamingoes, they cover the deep blue water in a pink sheet.

That was also my inspiration for picking my outfits. The beautiful dress reminded me of Africa. 

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