Monday, 15 February 2016

The Pleasant Trees

Oh my, it's been a while.
Sorry for my long abstinence on the blog. I was really busy writing my 'Staatsexamen', exams for university. But not normal exams... Final exams before graduation. I become really nostalgic when I think about leaving my student life soon (ok, still about one semester to go). 
Do you guys also write exams or are you already done? Or don't you have to write any? Let me know :)
Anyways, I am really frustrated about the weather here in Germany, it's freezing cold, rainy, grey. That's why I love to spent time at home with some friends, playing board games and so on. With tea and music that warms my mind. Luckily the struggle with cold temperatures will be hopefully over soon. I'm going to leave Germany in March. Yeah! But it's not about just traveling, it's also about improving some language skills and learning something new, doing some research that might be useful for my thesis. How do you spend cold days in March? Do you travel somewhere? Thailand? Bali? (These are the countries that came to my mind which seem to be on every bucket list except mine. Maybe you can persuade me:) ) 
I also was thinking about to do a q&a in my next blogpost. So if you have questions, let me know in the comments or via Instagram, so I can answer them. 
The picture you see I took 2014 in Bosnia, at the seaside (Bosnia has only around 15km coast) in Neum. I had an amazing relaxing time there, although it is just a small fishermen's village, the water is so clear and the fresh salty air made me happy. Funny story was actually that I didn't expect to see this small village again soon. Last year in March I made a trip to Macedonia and Albania, we took the bus back home from Kosovo (long story, actually we also had a flight) and we crossed the village early in the morning, when the sun was about to get up and filled the sea and the sleepy people with lush red. That is the story how I spent 10 minutes for getting myself a fresh coffee at 6am in a village, from whom I thought I won't see it in the next 5 years again.

I wish you a happy day

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