Monday, 5 October 2015

Iceland, my love.

Hey guys, 
my first ever blog entry, how exciting! As some of you may know from Instagram I spend some time in Iceland. It was probably the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen, from glaciers to volcanoes you'll find everything.
As we made a road trip through the country I decided to write down some of our stops, starting with the first days. 

Day 1: Endless roads to Selfoss

I decided to travel with my lovely brother to Keflavík. As I am a really spontaneous traveller I never book any hotel room or a car. (my parents used to hate it :D) 

We took our first step on Icelandic ground around 2pm, impressed of the landscape around us. After we got a car from the rental service our tour began. The beautiful city Selfoss was our first stop. What we didn't expect was that Iceland was THAT stunning. Although the road was just around 100km, it took us at least 3 hours, because we stopped everywhere. I can't describe the feeling I had, even the pictures can't describe it. The feeling of freedom, endless roads, fresh air and the cold wind in your hair. When I think of it, I could start to cry. It was a chance to forget worries, university work, exams. I had the feeling of endless freedom the whole time.

Arriving in Selfoss we were impressed from all the cute houses, the simple and beautiful nordic architecture. After we found a really nice place to stay, we decided to do some grocery. As I am vegan it is always hard to find food in restaurants when I'm traveling. Iceland was no exception. But you'll find a lot of vegan food in grocery stores. They have everything from chia seeds to soy milk. 

Day 2: East of Eden, near Vík

After the friendly men of our B&B made us a good coffee we left Selfoss. Our next destination was Vík í Mýrdal, a small town in south of Iceland - 129km away from Selfoss. 
A landscape  filled with sunshine, music that made my heart even more happy and again the endless Icelandic roads. We stopped at two waterfalls before we arrived in Vík. One was Seljalandsfoss, the other Skogáfoss. Both of them were so impressive! Skogáfoss is 60m high, you can walk on top of it and look down - what a crazy feeling. 

Arriving in Vík we went first to a little restaurant, drank some tea, coffee and ate hummus wraps. The refreshment was really useful, because we went hiking on a little hill, from where we saw the black beach and the endless landscapes of Iceland. We spent the day so lovely, it will forever be in my travel memories. 

Thank you for reading, see you soon.



  1. Great read and lovely pictures! Next time you visit Iceland, you have to take me! x

    1. aww, thank you my dear. Of course, I will xx

  2. Omg! Wir waren dieses Jahr auch da und ich will unbedingt zurück! Deine tollen Bilder machen richtig sehnsüchtig!:)